How do you get your website found locally

How do you get your website found locally


Your business is a major investment and an exciting time for you. You have invested in the kit, had the training and are now raring to go. So how do you get your website found locally?

Get yourself a quality website

There are two types of websites, those that are built correctly and those that aren’t.  Therefore you need yours to be built with search engines in mind. Whilst a quick search on the Internet will help you find 101 different places to build your website for free –  you need to be careful, a poorly built website is like having a party and then forgetting to send the invites, lots of effort but no visitors.  These guys are good.

Optimise your website

Again millions of pages on Google tell you how to do this, but you need to understand the basics or it might go horribly wrong. We have written a load of posts that talk about search optimisation, or we can either do it for you or talk you through it. Get in touch.

Get yourself on the map, Google & Bing

You need a Google My Business page and a Bing Places for business, because both search engines give priority to Business Place pages. The registration is simple and you then go through a verification process where they send a postcard to your business address and a webpage to complete your registration. Add some quality images and your logo – if you don’t have these then we can help

Create some landing pages

The next step is to look again at your site – a website is very much like an iceberg – there should be much more going on underneath the surface. You need to build landing pages for ALL of the geographical areas you wish to cover. One page for every town and this page needs to be fully SEO optimised.

Get into quality Directories

You might remember that Yellow Pages used to be a great big thick book that got delivered every year. Now it has very much slimmed down and gone online – so have a number of other local directories. Be careful here, there are good directories and bad ones, only go for the better-known ones; Yell, Scoot and the like. Spend a little money and get the version with a link to your site as this will help with your search ranking.

Invest in some local Pay Per Click

Investing in Pay per click can be scary and can be expensive, equally if it is done well then it should deliver you instant traffic and a good return on your investment. It will get you a better position in places and on maps.  We work with brands, big and small and deliver them Paid advertising campaigns that work. Talk to us and we will get your website found locally.

Some useful links


Get More Customers have preferential rates with all of the above directories, book with us and not only will we manage it for you but we will also save you money.

Now you have the answers to the question.  how do you get your website found locally?

The consultants at Get More Customers will gladly lend a hand, we have the expertise in driving local site traffic for businesses.

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